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These setting are already done from the shop to an ideal position but sometimes they are not ideal for a particular car. Circled in red is a set screw with a 6mm nut on it, loosen the nut FIRST, then back the screw out to lower the throttle plate and make sure it sits flat. Once the throttle plate is determined to be flat and perpendicular to the throttle body tighten the nut to 10-15ft/lbs and apply locktite if desired. (pic. above)

This setting is set to an ideal position but certain engines may require a specific setting. This is the full throttle set screw, it also has a 6mm nut on the back of it. To adjust this screw loosen the nut and set screw to desired position. The setting of this screw in not important because the throttle cables and tps (throttle position sensor) will stop the amount that the plate will open but it is suggested that this screw to be set in a position so that the throttle plate is wide open but not past a 90 degree position. (pic. above)

We have now created a video to further detail how to adjust the Idle Stop Screw. Click for Video

This is a idle adjustment point, screwing it to tighten will pull the cable further back and raise the idle. Loosing it will make sure that the springs are pulling the throttle plate completely closed. (pic above)

All of these adjustments are rarely needed but it is always good to know, sometimes these adjustments can save the hassle of sending the Big bore throttle body in for repair.

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