UUC Motorwerkes Transmission Mount Enforcer and Red Bushing
We purchased the UUC Motorworkes Transmission Mount Enforcers (TME) and red bushing as an upgrade to our stock m3 bushings which had 80,000 miles on them (although in great shape). The purpose of replacing the TME was to reduce the risk factor in the “money shift*”, in this sense the TME has served its purpose wonderfully. The quality of the product was great, the TME made from aluminum was a well crafted piece of work, the replacement bushing was clean, and ready for immediate install.
The installation was relatively easy but the UUC instructions lacked pictures to somewhat guide the way. I am sure UUC figured that pictures aren’t required because anyone who wants to change their TME already knows what it looks like and where it is located, but a good write up never hurt nobody. The write up is to be used as an addition to the UUC Motorwerks instructions not as a substitute

All pictures would be the P.O.V. of yourself laying on the floor looking up at everything. The process shouldn't take you more then 1 hour and 30 mins. If this was a Riot Racing instruction manual we would rate this install at: 1

On to the write up...
Safely jack up the front of the car and place the front end on jack stands(never work under a car that is supported by only a jack). Make sure the car is not hot because the exhuast piping will be near your working enviroment and you do not want to burn yourself. You may want to support the tranny with a jack stand or something solid, but it is not vital.

This is the incorrect way to have the tme installed in the TME Enforcer.

Follow UUC's instruction's and spray the new bushing with windex, this really makes things easier. Push the bushing into the TME Enforcer, make sure everything sits nice and flat. Like this:

Locate the four tranny crossbrace screws(13mm) remove those. When retightening remember to tightent to 16ft lbs. If you do not have a torque wrench, 16 ft. lbs. is about the point where you say to yourself "I think its about tight now."

Removing the nut untop of the stock TME is kindof tricky because its such a tight fit. I recommend using a 13mm open end wrench. In case you want to give yourself more room to work, remove the bottom TME nut so that the crossbrace drops all the way down(it needs to be done eventually). Remember, on the driver side you want to pull your wrench towards the driveshaft(cw looking up at the tme), the bolts are tight and you may want to spray them with some wd40 or bolt loosener. To loosen then bolt on the passenger side u want to push your wrench away from the driveshaft(cw, looking up at the tme).

Now you must remove your tme.

Do not install the TME to the trans first. The crossbrace won't fit properly:

This is the correct procedure: At this point you want the notch in the bushing to fit into the nipple on the crossbrace. Tighten these nuts to 16 ft. lbs as well. Make sure the TME is pushed all the way back in the slot that it sits in.

Under the car photo.

If you didn't support your transmissiong when you removed the corssbrace and TME's you may need to carefully jack the tranny back up.

Reinstalling the crossbrace is pretty easy once you have the top nuts of the TME in correctly.

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