Please download these instructions for supplemental use. (acrobat reader format)

The web based instructions are a summary only. Please download the pdf version for a detailed instruction manual.

From the Rear view of the steering wheel, we are showing two of the securing torx fasteners for the airbag cover. Use a t-20 male torix bit.

Once you have removed the plastic covering following the instructions in the Bentley manual you will have a situation similar to this.

Once you have removed all four of the torx fasteners the airbag cover and airbag should come right off. If you are having trouble with this, refer back to the bentley manual for steering wheel removal. This image also shows the Main bolt which holds the steering wheel on. A 17mm socket with extention should work fine.

Once the steering bag is removed your situation will be similar to this. The orange connector here is the connector in which the resistors need to be soldered to, in order to avoid an airbag light.

Because we didn't have the exact resistor at the time (we not stock these resistors), we had to solder two in parallel. Notice how we attached the resistor to the connector. Now, you can simply plug the orange conector back where it should go and install your new steering wheel

We didn't show how to install the supplied adapter and steering wheel because we figured this was straigth forward. Also, your steering wheel manufacturer should provide some instructions with torque specs for your new setup. This is the Sparco 320mm wheel. The suede wear out very fast, but the wheel is great. While in the drivers seat the gauges are slightly block.

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